The optimal use of electric drills

Before using the electrical socket, make sure it must be healthy.
Prior to drilling, make sure you plug your power in terms of safety, check if you have strippers and freedom or safety tips related to an electrical outlet safety is not adhered to, try first to solve it and then drills to connect, has had a lot has happened with the outlet unfit, too many risks for fellow there.

In the drilling of loose clothing and jewelry dangle use
When you are using the drills are in any way from wear loose hanging jewelry, and so do not use, and always try as much as possible when you’re drilling use of glasses suitable to prevent the entry of dust into the eyes you can use.

After the drills, keeping hands on the drill do not.
When your drills have, as you know the drill, it is very hot, so do not forget to drill a few minutes to touch drills

Brush your use of that right is
Try to every local you want to drilling, the drill suitable environments for use, for example drill stonework wall of brick and steel is used, then try always Drills appropriate use.

When drilling tiles
When the tiles are drilling, try to always use a drill for wood and a piece of tape that prevents the use of stranded drill.

When drilling plaster