Screwdriver and what is it used?

Of screwdrivers in terms of its tip can be shaped head, double beds, stellar, solar and noted three feathers.
Function screwdriver in this case is the tip of the screw head is with grooves that fit that this causes the lever and after winding the torque to the lever and make opening and closing screws will be the most difficult.
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How to work with screwdriver:
– You need to put screws in place to hold directly.
– suitable screwdriver to remove the screw and with the other hand.
– head screwdriver to screw slots must comply with the place and not moving while not turning on.
– By turning the screw into a variety of tools screwdriver on the left and go down until firmly screw into the hands of the clock rotate.
– If you want to remove screws, screwdriver counterclockwise need of the hour.